Friday, 28 February 2014

March Menu

I can't believe that as from tomorrow we're already into the second month of the virtual cafe! March is full of celebration days, including St. David's Day (1st March), Shrove Tuesday (4th March), St. Patrick's Day (17th March), French Bread Day (20th March) and of Course Mothering Sunday (30th March).

But did you know that "French Bread Day" is also the same day as Proposal Day and Kiss your Fiancee Day. So why not propose, kiss your fiancee and serve up French Bread Pizza for dinner?

Mothering Sunday lunch is a three course lunch which is full of flavour, but not full of time! You will easily knock up all three courses in no time at all and some can be made ahead to save on time. The meal will spoil all mums out there, and whether you make it for yourself or someone else makes it for you, I hope you all have a fantastic day.

Of course, there will also be the specials board which will feature recipes from around the world, so look out for them too.

Tomorrow will see the first of March's Menu recipes; Welsh Rarebit with a Leek & Thyme Garnish to celebrate St. David's Day. Welsh rarebit, I believe was first introduced in the 18th Century and is also known as Welsh Rabbit. My vegan version of this classic dish is garnished with leeks to give it that extra Welsh touch. 

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