Monday, 27 August 2012

Day 1 - My first success story

How many of you get a "trolley" or sandwich van visit you at work. We do, every morning a lady visits our office with a trolley laden with goodies. The trolley has everything from cans of drink to sandwiches to tempting cakes and chocolate bars. Lately I have gotten into the habit of purchasing a packet of crisps which lasts seconds after I return to my desk. I scoff (rather inhale) the contents without anyone even realising I have moved from my desk!

Well today I resisted the trolley, sure my ears perked up at the voice of the trolley lady and like a mouse to cheese I reached into my purse for the 45p I needed for the bag of crisps. STOP I heard inside my head, WTF are you doing. Then out of nowhere I reiterated to myself:

"Put trust in myself, I have control and will succeed"

It works, I put the 45p back in my purse (that will help towards the library fine I am racking up) and took a big breath in and focused on what I was working on and shut out the dulcet tones of the trolley lady. 

Woohoo my first success!

Have you had any successes today?

Vital Statistics

OK I have to be honest for this to work so here are my statistics . . . . . .
I can't do it - how have I got to this state! 

Sharp intake of breath . . . . . . . .

Height = 180cm (or 5 feet 11 inches)
Weight = 89.8kg (or 14stone 2lbs)

There we go, I've done it my first challenge: publishing my vital statistics, a weight off my mind, I only wish it was a weight off my body.

My new mantra:             Put trust in myself, I have control and will succeed

I feel I need something to help motivate me other than a photograph of a fat me stuck to the fridge and my new mantra. I think the quote below is a good starting point. 

"Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't, I give myself reasons why I can" - Unknown

What quote motivates or inspires you?

Let me know your favourites

Changes to my lifestyle - Part 2

Exercise regime
I'm still not fully fit due to my existing conditions and unable to exercise fully. However I can walk so walking is what I shall do! I don't particularly like walking unless there is a purpose or its an adventure with hubby, who needs a real kick up the ass to get him to do any form of exercise, but when he does he really enjoys himself - go figure!

I live approximately 4.5km from work and although I don't like walking to work (I sweat glow quite a bit) what is stopping me from walking home? Yes there are always excuses, its too cold, its too dark, its not safe, I'm too tired. But after a stressful day at the office what better way to unwind and there is a purpose - to get home! I can wrap up warm and after the first kilometer I'll be warm anyway, stick to main roads which are lit, don't listen to music and be aware of my surroundings, and as a bonus, exercise gives you more energy. So that's sorted then, public transport to work and my own leg power home. Baby steps, you can't run before you can walk.

As my blog continues I will keep you posted of the exercise undertaken

Not all vegetarians are thin!

For years I have fought with my weight and I have been a professional yo yo dieter! People automatically think vegetarians are thin, but let me put the record straight - I'm not! Don't get me wrong I'm not morbidly obese but I'm heading that way! Many diet plans ask you why you eat more than you need to and my answer to this question is simple I'm a comfort eater, I eat when I'm bored, stressed, unhappy or stuck in front of the TV! Basically I eat too much and snack on the wrong food - you know the culprits; chocolate and crisps. Although I have had my moments and over the years I have been able to stick to a healthy eating plan and successfully lost weight, before a crisis unearths and I revert to my comfort eating ways.

I know I have to evaluate my whole lifestyle as diet is not my only concern. There are people that live to work and there are people that work to live. The last few years it pains me to write but balancing work and home life has not been proportioned well, and there are many that have suffered including myself.

After having a health scare not so long ago and being rushed to hospital enough was enough. Thankfully it was nothing serious but I was shocked to find out what stress can do to your body. I promised myself that I would take better care of myself but after a week or so I was back to my normal routine, working way too many hours in a very stressful environment. Another condition deteriorated and once again I was suffering! I never learn! It wasn't until a few weeks later that I thought (AGAIN) I need to do something about this!

Once my condition has improved I hope to get back in the saddle and start exercising. Although I need to control my enthusiasm, I like to run before I can walk and have zero patience! You think I would learn after all these years wouldn't you!

This blog will hopefully keep me on track in all areas of my life and help anyone else out there in a similar position. Wish me luck!

Changes to my lifestyle- Part 1

Healthy eating plan
I've been a vegetarian nearly all my life and have tried converting to veganism before, and I'm about to try this again. I'm a huge fan of food blogs and I am constantly searching for ideas to help me convert to a vegan. My favorites include: Vegan DadOh She Glows and Fat Free Vegan, but there are hundreds out there and you can completely lose track of time searching and reading.

I think the best way to change to and keep on track with a healthy eating plan is to be organised! Plan your meals ahead and only shop for what you need. Keep a well stocked store cupboard with the essentials so that you can always rustle something up in an emergency. I'll let you know what I think equals a well stocked store cupboard once I've fathomed it out. You will also need to track down stockists of special ingredients, sometimes you will need to do this via the internet. When ever you visit another town check out the health food shops you'll be amazed as to what you can find.

My goals

I've been reading a book over the last couple of weeks which has helped me discover my top priorities and given me the tools to align my life with what matters most to me. Sounds simple doesn't it? So why aren't we all doing it. Believe me there is plenty of reasons EXCUSES!

What makes you happy?
If money was no object or didn't exist what would make you happy? 

I've never really considered myself having children but as the biological clock started ticking louder and louder; and I met the right man (my hubby) the desire to have our own kids has been overwhelming. I want to enjoy being part of a loving family. Preferably two kids and a dog! 

I've always wanted to learn more about food and its nutrition. I want (& need) to lose weight and become happy, healthy and full of energy. If I can help others to achieve this too - even better! 

I love growing my own food (and eating it), and my dream one day is to have a small holding and become self sufficient. 

Another dream of mine is to own and run a healthy eating cafe full of scrumptious food that people won't believe is good for you because it tastes sooooo good. 

I love travelling and after a few years of travelling Australasia I picked up a few yummy recipes, but these days I'm happy to investigate and travel in and around my homeland. 

So to answer the question "if money was no object or didn't exist what would make you happy?" 
My top 5 are and in no particular order :

1)     Small holding and being self sufficient
2)     Losing weight and helping others too
3)     Owning and running a healthy eating cafe/bistro "Self Sufficient Cafe"
4)     Children and a dog!
5)     Travelling

Right its out there its published that's my list, although it may change over time..........

As money does exist what can I do to make me happy right here right now! Once again in no particular order.

1)     Lose weight
2)     Be healthy
3)     Have a baby
4)     To have more fun time with hubby
5)     Enjoy my hobbies, camping, gardening, crafting, blogging and find an enjoyable exercise!

Remember: You can't change what you don't control

What is your answer? What are your top five priorities?