Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Specials Board: Camp Dinner - Courgette & Onion Quesadilla

As you already know from my previous post - June is "Camping month" and I promised you a few camping recipes, which are easy to make using just a camping stove, tasty as home cooked food and quick so you can get to satisfy those hunger pangs after spending a day in the great outdoors.

So without further ado here is the first camping recipe

Ingredients  Serves 4
1 Pack of 8 Tortilla's
435g Refried Beans
1 Courgette, sliced
1 Onion, sliced
1 Jar Salsa
150g Vegan cheese
Optional ingredients
Vegan Mayonnaise
Jalapeno slices

Spread 2 Tbsp of refried beans onto one of the eight tortilla's, and place in a dry frying pan refried beans facing up.

Add the sliced courgette.

Add the sliced onion.

Add 2 Tbsp of the salsa.

Sprinkle with a little of the grated vegan cheese and if your using top with the vegan mayonnaise and/or jalapeno slices.

Top with another tortilla and turn the gas stove on to a medium sized flame.

Cook for 2 minutes and check to see if bottom tortilla has started to go a golden brown and flip. If your pancake tossing skills are good then go for you life or if your like me transfer to a plate and flip before returning to the pan.

Cook for another 2 minutes and cut into four slices. Leave fora  couple of minutes as the filling is extremely hot!

Repeat for the remaining tortillas, you may have some refried beans left over, but don't worry these won't go to waste you can use them in a one pot chilli the next day.


Marco was also keeping his eyes on the quesadilla's!

Although he soon spied his ball and was off chasing that! 

You don't have to stick to Courgette and onion, any vegetable will be fine just remember to slice it thinly so it cooks through. Another favourite of mine is mushrooms and sweetcorn.


  1. Marco is such a cutie! ♥
    What a fantastic idea for camp stove cooking! I've got a few packs of Violife cheese in the fridge at the mo, and this could be the perfect quick, easy meal to make with them. I'm not usually a fan of vegan cheese, but I'm loving the Violife brand. It's made with coconut oil yet it tastes incredibly similar to dairy cheese. It's amazing! Have you tried this brand yet?

    1. Thank you! I've not tried Violife yet, I'm not a massive fan of vegan cheese myself, I did find a cheese slice that I loved then I looked at the ingredient list and it put me off! I'll definitely give Violife a try on your recommendation, in fact I'll order some now! Marco loves his raw veggies and I think he was a bit peeved he didn't get any on this occasion x


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