Monday, 10 June 2013

Another Birthday Lunch Celebration

Today I helped celebrate a friends birthday and we went out for lunch. If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll already know that there is almost nowhere in my home town that caters for vegans! However, the more I ask and explore the more I uncover. 

My friend chose the venue and had asked about vegan options when the table was booked. We were eating out at a place which largely cooked burgers, not your regular fast food type but advertised home cooked. The menu was extensive for meat eaters and there were 5 options for vegetarians. I was pleasantly surprised when I was told that the vegetarian burgers were all vegan friendly and that the 'toppings' could be swapped to make the meal vegan friendly. To make sure, I emailed the manager and again he repeated what my friend had been told. 

Now I've been bitten once to often before, by people who don't really know what vegans eat and have suggested menu options of omelettes, cheesy dishes and even fish before now! So I decided to make extra sure. 

On arrival I asked the chef the same question and advised that the manager had told me that all 5 vegetarian burgers were vegan friendly. Its a good job I spoke to the chef, two of the vegetarian burgers contained egg!

However the falafel burger and sweet potato and bean burger were indeed vegan. I ordered the falafal burger topped with basil salsa and black olives instead of the feta cheese.

It was tasty, but the toppings were a little on the small side and they dressed the side salad of lettuce leaves with a vinaigrette which looked and smelt like it contained honey, so I left that. But overall it was nice to dine out somewhere different than the one other restaurant in town which caters for vegans. There's also another option I can try; sweet potato and bean burger, which I'll keep for the next birthday lunch outing. The meal filled me up so I won't be wanting much for tea!

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