Monday, 24 June 2013

June Vegan Food Swap - What I Sent

This is my 5th vegan food swap box month and I love it, this time I was sending to Jade and it was her first time, so I wanted to spoil her. Jade hasn't got a blog but she introduced me to bleat, which is a new vegan social networking site. I haven't joined yet, but I will, it looks like it could be fun.

I wanted to send her a wide range of goodies from a range of places so in her box I included the following:

  • Tesco Finest 85% Swiss Plain Chocolate
  • Fry's Chocolate Cream - Original
  • Dairy Free White Buttons
  • Alpro Soya Chocolate Drink
  • Hale & Hearty Deliciously Wholesome Date & Chocolate Flapjack
  • Blackfriars Fruit Flapjack
  • Packet of Love Hearts
  • Yo Yo Bear Fruit Roll - Apple
  • Yo Yo Bear Fruit Roll - Strawberry
  • Panda All Natural Raspberry Liquorice
  • Panda All Natural Blueberry Liquorice
  • Panda All Natural Original Liquorice
  • Penn State Pretzels Original Sea Salted
  • The Food Doctor - Tomato, Pepper and Quinoa Wholesome Soup
  • Pink Peppercorns
  • Alpro Soya Single Light Cream
  • Six different tea bags

As you can see the box I made up was mainly sweet than savoury, so I hope Jade liked it. My very first vegan food swap box back in February contained a Frys chocolate bar and I was amazed it was vegan. That's why I love this idea, you get to find out accidental vegan foods without doing the homework. Since that first Fry's chocolate bar I haven't stopped. Trouble is Hubby likes them too and he nobbled the last one last night! More supplies needed!

My favourite treat at the moment is the Hale and Hearty Deliciously Wholesome Date and Chocolate Flapjack. It really is delicious and I can't get enough of them at the moment. The Blackfriars flapjacks are also delicious but they are rather large. You could cut one in half and make two snacks. But I bet that it wouldn't be long before you went back for the second half because you know it's there! A bar of Panda liquorice is always in my drawer at work for those times when you need something sweet. Not all flavours are vegan though just the three pictured to the left. I found the Yo Yo Bear Fruit Rolls in my local co-op, I've tried the strawberry one and was pleasantly surprised but I've not yet tried the other flavours, I think there are 5 different ones. I couldn't leave out a packet of love hearts I think they're just so cute! Who else reads the message before eating? I read everyone!

The only savoury items I added were the pink peppercorns, the pretzels and the soup. Jade advised me that she doesn't do "burn your mouth off hot" so I went with the pink peppercorns, hopefully there not too hot and they looked so pretty. I love the Penn State pretzels and these small packets just do the trick. I've not tried the food doctor soup but I have tried the snack pot couscous by the food doctor, which was very nice. 

To round things off I included soya cream, chocolate drink and a range of tea bags, my favourites are earl grey and lady grey. I really hope jade liked her swap box. I've also received mine now too - woohoo! Tomorrow I'll post what I received

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