Monday, 11 November 2013

Spicy Sweet Dumpling Squash Pots

A couple of days ago, I shared my stuffed squash recipe with you, using a carnival squash. I still have, courtesy of my gardening angel, 2 sweet dumpling squash and believe it or not an Eight-Ball courgette which has turned into a pumpkin!

I never knew that this could happen but after a few Google searches other people were saying the same thing! 

I find it fascinating to know that a summer squash, a courgette, when left, will turn into a winter squash, a pumpkin. Isn't nature truly amazing? 

The skin turns from green to gold and becomes hard. It's magic! As you can tell I am so excited about this, but I have not yet tried the amazing turning courgette, so I will treat as an ordinary pumpkin and for my first recipe I will make spicy pumpkin soup. I'll let you know what this turns out like later in the week. If the recipe is a success I shall grow more of these beauties next year and not worry about using them all up when I have a glut, but leave them to turn into pumpkins.

But for now what shall I do with my two very lovely sweet dumpling squashes? Turn them into spicy pots, of course!

My recipe is a take on a Jamie Oliver recipe called Whole roasted cricket ball squash, which uses gem squash, sun-dried tomatoes and spices. You can view Jamie making this dish here or you'll find it in his cookbook "Jamie at home". My version omits the oregano and cinnamon and uses Porcini powder instead, to give it an earthy mushroom flavour, if I'd had some chestnut mushrooms I would have added those too.

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