Friday, 22 August 2014

Notice Board: Its getting Chilly!

I am bursting with excitement! 

Regular readers will know that I haven't got a freezer and I have gone without for 10 years plus! OMG I hear you cry, I know, I know, its terrible isn't it?

Actually it hasn't been that bad, OK it has meant that I have to cook every night with fresh ingredients but that isn't a bad thing is it? But sometimes when I get in from work late all I want to do is grab something and pop it in the oven. That doesn't necessarily mean processed food that fills your plate with orange hues, or as we call it "orange food".

But, wait for it, drum roll please....................................................................

We are now the very proud owners of a fridge freezer! Whoa! Yeah! Yay! See I told you I was excited! It was delivered late yesterday afternoon and after sitting overnight getting comfy in its new home I switched it on this morning and its now ready to get filled!

Not only will I be able to have home cooked food prepared and ready to pop in the oven on busy mid week nights when I get home late but I can enjoy vegan ice cream and sorbets which I can wait to get started on making. I've also missed ice cubes! Yes the humble ice cube ready to perk up any drink, oh how I've missed you. A perfect excuse to make vegan Baileys Irish Cream!

But before I disappear into the kitchen and cook up a storm with my garden harvests and freeze them I had to share my exciting news with you! Once I have filled my fridge with lovely vegan goodness I'll post a couple of photos!

But I suppose I can't go without leaving you a recipe! So my next post, above is just that! Stuffed Courgette from the August menu.


  1. Congratulations! And you will be able to cook up batches of chick peas, beans etc for quickness and money saving! X

  2. I hadn't even thought about that - thank you thank you! Oh what to do first! Stock up on dried beans! Thanks Fran x

  3. Yay at last!!! Think how long you'll be able to stretch your garden bounty now! I'm still using stewed plums and gooseberries from last year :)
    In a couple of months you'll wonder how you managed without one lol!

    1. Gooseberries yummy! I was given a gooseberry bush this year, but too late in the season to do anything with but I'm hoping for a bounty crop next year. I keep taking a sneak peak at my new fridge freezer I love it already - how did I cope? :o)


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