Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Notice Board - Geo Bars Review

It's another review! Sometimes in life you are rewarded and it feels great! The reviews that I am undertaking at the moment are just that, rewards and tasty rewards at that! 

These bars are very tasty and completely different to anything else I have tried before. The two new fruity bars; Cocoa & Beetroot and Carrot & Stem Ginger and the 2 new trail bars; Cocoa Crunch and Banana & Walnut were launched in January 2015. You may have already tried their original cereal bars but the 2 new fruity bars are different, they are raw fruit wholefood bars. Each bar is packed with fair trade fruit and nuts and tastes unique. The carrot and stem ginger are zingy and leave your tastebuds dancing and the cocoa and beetroot are comforting and extremely moreish! You've been warned. Both Fruity bars count as 1 of your 5 a day or if you're like me 1 of my 7-10 a day!

The Geobar Trail Cocoa crunch is also extremely moreish, it is also a raw bar and contains 67% fruit (fairtrade dates and raisins), cocoa and soya crispies providing 7g of protein per bar. The Geobar Trail Banana & Walnut is a raw bar and contains 70% fruit (fairtrade dates, raisins and bananas), walnuts and soya crispies. These bars provide 5g protein per bar. Either trail bar would be a great addition to a lunch box as to would the fruity bars. As the bars are raw they have got a fairly short shelf life, but I don't think they would last that long once you've tasted them!

I've seen the cereal bars in some of the supermarket but I'm yet to see the new raw and fruity bars and the trail bars in supermarkets near me. However you can purchase them online from the Traidcraft website.


  1. I've not seen these before! I especially love the sound of the beetroot one. Rude Health do a beetroot bar which I love so I will have to keep an eye out for these too!

    1. They are yummy! If you email me your address I'll send you a cocoa & beetroot one - I have one left :o) x


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