Thursday, 28 May 2015

Notice Board - Bounce Review

I was delighted when Chantal asked if I wanted to review the vegan Bounce energy balls as part of the vegan lifestyle association. I already knew I liked the Spirulina Bounce (the green one) but I was blown away by the Cashew and Pecan Bounce (the red one).

In total there are 7 varieties but unfortunately only 2 are vegan, obviously I haven't tried the 5 non vegan energy balls but the two I have tried are utterly delicious!

According to their website the Spirulina and Ginseng energy bar was designed to give you a lift at any time of the day. "It's a delicious, chewy mix of almonds, oats and sesame seeds, combined with the superfoods, spirulina and ginseng". You can really taste the almonds, a comforting marzipan roundness paired with the nutritious spirulina is a match made in heaven. These energy balls will definitely satisfy your hunger craving. They are high in Vitamin B12 and fibre and the calorie total? 191 calories, which sounds a lot but you will not be hungry after this energy ball!

This energy ball is my new favourite, which I didn't think was possible as I loved the Spirulina  & Ginseng energy ball. These will also satisfy your hunger craving and are high in vitamin E and fibre and the calorie total? 195 calories. Both energy balls are also gluten free.

If you haven't tried them then you must treat yourself as they are fabulous. You can purchase them from Holland and Barrett, Waitrose, Tesco Extra and Boots to name a few. Or if you want to buy a full box head over their website and there is a special offer on at the moment. If you buy 1 pack of the Cashew and Pecan energy balls (12 in a pack) you get another pack free! So that's 24 energy balls for £19.45, about 81p each! 


  1. They sound lovely. I'm always on the look out for filling healthy things as back up for travelling or hospital. These sound perfect. They'd be good fuel for all your digging on the allotment too!

  2. ha ha ha, yep totally agree! One always finds it way into my pocket before heading down to the allotment :o) x


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