Friday, 28 August 2015

A Day Out In Liverpool

I hadn't been to Liverpool in over 20 years! I know I can hardly believe it myself. So when my friend and I were enjoying a meal out in Pizza Express a few weeks ago and Liverpool was suggested as a day out what else could I say but yes!

After researching vegan eateries and places to see I was amazed at how much Liverpool had to offer. My friend, H, a trusty Liverpool guide helped me choose what to see. I wanted an over view of all Liverpool was and still is, a bit of culture and of course some delicious vegan food. 

H suggested we start with the Museum of Liverpool, which was full of everything Liverpudlian! We headed straight to the second floor and had a mooch around the "Wonderous Place" exhibition. As you probably already know Liverpool has 'made' some very talented people; writers such as Jimmy McGovern who created the TV series "Cracker" and of course Phil Redmond who created Grange Hill, Brookside and Hollyoaks! 

Then there are the musicians and there are way too many to mention, everyone will know one of them for sure! Liverpool comedians are plentiful too and of course the sports personalities! There was plenty to see and do including a karaoke booth for you to use, and before you ask no I didn't! I was tempted but as I am completely tone deaf I though better of it!

On the other side of the museum on the 2nd floor was 'The People's Republic Gallery' which is all about the experience of living in the city. A fascinating exhibition that deserved more time than we gave it, but we had so much else to see and do! 

Everywhere you looked old and new buildings stood next to each other and some of the architecture was fascinating, even if it wasn't my cup of tea.

There is so many places to see in and around the Albert docks you could spend a whole weekend here, I never got to visit the Tate Gallery but that's on my list for next time.

After a whistle stop tour of floor 2 of the Liverpool museum, I was ravenous and lets be honest my thoughts aren't ever too far away from food. Thankfully there were lots of options for vegans but there was only one place that we were heading to - Wagamamas.
I found out that Wagamams caters for vegan after a trip to Birmingham and it was absolutely delicious so everywhere I go I always find out if there is one near by.

I was that hungry and focused on food that I suddenly remembered that I hadn't taken a photograph of our starter to share. There was just one yasai steamed gyoza (vegetable dumpling) left so I took a quick snap before diving in. For my main dish I chose the yasai itame, a delicious dish of rice noodles in a spicy green, coconut and lemongrass soup, topped with vegetables and tofu. We also shared a side order of wok greens and the garlic in this dish is heavenly. Once again though my stomach overruled and I forgot to take a photograph.

Bellys full we were off on an adventure, during my online research I had come across a vegan supermarket just outside Liverpool which was a 20 minute bus ride. There was no way I wasn't going to visit. Thankfully H obliged my wish to visit and after catching a bus and following our whereabouts on google maps on my phone so we knew where to get off we arrived!

I loved this place! It was a vegan heaven, the photographs do not do it justice!

When you first walk in to the Purple Carrot you are greeted with a beautiful confectionery stand full of vegan goodies, I couldn't resist I bought 3 Vego bars, one for H for putting up with my vegan adventures, 1 for my gardening angel and of course 1 for me. I also bought a slab of white chocolate and 3 packets of Ten Acre Crisps, the story of when cheese met the onion. The best crisps ever! I wished I had bought more now!

The shop also sold a wide range of other groceries and I loved the little tea section in the corner, Caroline from Tea and Sympatico would love this! 

It was also great to see that the shop was packed with Suma Wholefoods goods too and everything was reasonably priced. If you live near Liverpool you really should pop in and see what it has to offer. If you don't live near then a day out to Liverpool is in order and you can easily squeeze a quick visit to the Purple Carrot into your day.

Next to the confectionery stand was the fridges and I nearly screamed with excitement at the vegan cheese range they had and I treated myself to a large pack of violife melty pizza cheese, violife cheese slices and two packs of no moo melty cheese! My fascination with vegan cheese goes on, hopefully my purchases will keep me occupied in the kitchen cooking up a vegan cheese storm. No visit to a vegan supermarket can go without purchasing my beloved nooch too, so two tins were purchased and I left a very happy bunny.

After a bus ride back into the city we walked towards the Beatles old hunting grounds, I'm not quite sure what I expected but it wasn't what I found. We didn't go into the cavern but we did venture into the pub across the road, and turned round and walked back out, we tried. It was ram packed with people and was very hot, very hot indeed! It was a sweat fest ha ha ha! We had a quick mooch around the area and decided to move on.

We needed peace and quiet after walking into the noisy and hot sweat fest, so we decided to make our way to the Walker Art Gallery and made our way to the beautiful Pre-Raphaelite paintings. I love this era and I am fascinated with the work of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Time went by so fast and it wasn't long before we were told only 10 minutes before closing. 

After leaving the Walker Art Gallery we headed back to the station for our journey home after stopping off for a well deserved drink.

All in all a fabulous day out and one which I will look forward to repeating again soon.

Jasmine x

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