Tuesday, 25 August 2015

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Chocolate Mousse - Quinoa Style
Hi there! Long time no post! I can't believe over two months has passed since I last wrote and published a post, how time flies!

I've been spending a lot of time down my allotment, which needed a hell of a lot of work doing to it. All my hard work has paid off though and I've been busy harvesting and preserving my produce. Thank golly I have a chest freezer now! 

I love spending time working on my allotment and its where you'll usually find me every weekend. Its like an oasis of calm especially after a mad week at work. Marco loves it too and is spoilt rotten by everyone down there. There is still much to do and I'll write a post soon with an update and some before and after photos so you can see why I've been busy.

Anyway time for this posts recipe! And its another Suma post and I decided to do another sweet dish rather than savoury just to steer me away from 'cheese' again! :o)

I've been experimenting with quinoa recently and I must admit I'm loving it, it really is such a versatile seed. I've been doing a little research too, and I've found out that it is a seed rather than a grain as I first thought and it is the seed of the goosefoot plant.

It is reported to have a number of health benefits too including anti-inflammatory properties. Quinoa is also a complete protein source containing all essential amino acids. This wonder seed is also a good source of folate and zinc. So you can see why I've been experimenting with it? I've used it in savoury dishes and used it instead of rice for chilli's etc, see my Winter Wellness Chilli Goodness Recipe and yes I've even used it in a 'cheese sauce' recipe! However, I've also attempted to use it in sweet dishes too as in this recipe. The result is good! To jazz it up a little I used a few raspberries from the allotment and the new flavour choc shot which is orange and cardamon. If you've not tried it yet then you should its amazing.

Chocolate Mousse - Quinoa Style 

Ingredients (Serves 4-6)
75g Red Quinoa
250ml Boiling water
200ml Almond milk
100g Fresh raspberries
40g Pitted dates
40g Cocoa powder
1 Tbsp Date syrup
1 Tbsp Choc shot (I used orange flavour)


First add the quinoa and the boiling water to a saucepan and simmer for 15 minutes.Drain and leave to cool.

While the quinoa is cooking add the pitted dates to the almond milk to soak.

Once the quinoa has cooled add to your blender along with all the other ingredients. Blend until the mixture is smooth and mousse like.

Transfer the mixture to glasses and refrigerate, the mixture will stiffen slightly.

Enjoy :o)

Jasmine x


  1. Wow how inventive, there are so many ways to do a vegan chocoloate mousse. I'll definitely give this one a go :)

    1. Thanks Amy. I must admit they've all gone now and I ate every single one! Oops! :o)

  2. Wow, this is pretty awesome.

    1. Thanks Shaheen! :o) I'll pop over to your blog in a mo to see what I've been missing


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