Sunday, 16 September 2012

It's Friday

Thank goodness it's Friday! I used to say thank crunchie its Friday, but yet no more...............

Well I got on the scales this morning and I couldn't believe my eyes! All I've done this week is cut out crisps, chocolate and wine, I'm ashamed to admit that no exercise took place, I never did walk home like I said I would but it doesn't matter the results are good.

I've lost 2.7 kg that's 6 pounds, I was ecstatic! I weighed myself 4 times to make sure.

It's always easier to continue when you have good results, I'd also managed to stay vegan all week so things were looking up. To celebrate I made pizza and I used a vegan cheese called cheezly and it wasn't too bad, the cheese didn't melt like mozzarella but it did melt and the pizza was surprisingly tasty.

As I treat I also made garlic bread by mixing together vitalite, crushed garlic, garlic puree, vegan garlic mayonnaise and parsley together and spreading on vegan bread of your choice.
I didn't work out the calories of this banquet, I was celebrating or is that undoing all the good work I have done!

Next week is going to be more difficult!

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