Sunday, 16 September 2012

Guilt free Thai red vegetable curry

After my little success yesterday, I was confident I could keep denying the trolley lady and I'm pleased to report that I did just that again today.

So to reward myself I decided to make a tasty but guilt free tea. Over the weekend a friend and I had swapped some produce we had grown. My friend has an allotment that keeps her very busy and I just have two raised beds in my garden that hubby built me a few years ago. I was overridden with courgettes and runner beans and my friend with French beans and sweetcorn. 

I decided to keep the fresh sweetcorn for another day and raided my fridge to see what was lurking in the crisper boxes. The treasure I found was perfect for making Thai red vegetable curry with wholegrain rice. Yummy!

As it was a work day I needed something quick and easy and thankfully in my store cupboard was a jar of red curry paste, which made things very easy and very quick. To keep the calories down I replaced some of the coconut milk with soy milk and you didn't notice the difference.

It tasted so good and there was enough left over for two lunch size portions for work!

All I did was fry an onion, the butternut squash, cauliflower and green beans in a little oil (I used an olive oil spray). 

Next add the curry paste and stir to combine

Then add the coconut milk (I used light) and soy milk, stir well and leave to simmer until all vegetables are cooked.

Serve with wholegrain rice.

You can use as much or as little of the curry paste as you want, but I like mine with a bit of a bite.


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