Wednesday, 28 August 2013

I'm back!


I can't believe its been so long since I last posted. What have I been doing and what have I been up to which didn't give me the time to blog? Well, work has been ridiculously busy, too busy in fact, some people would say I had no life! And they'd be true in part, it didn't give me a lot of time to enjoy what I like doing. But I'm happy to say I did find the time to fit in a camping holiday with hubby and Marco, Marco's first birthday and a party to celebrate, a wedding weekend in Pembrokeshire and lots of gardening!

If you cast your minds back to earlier this year (April) my gardening angel gave me lots of vegetable plants, which kicked me into action and I have been reaping the rewards ever since. I've kept on top of the weeding and lawn mowing too, fixed my Buddha fountain which has now spring another leek and made myself a promise I'll be more organised next year!

I've also taken some of my own advice, a first, and decided that I wouldn't put pressure on myself and blog everyday. Well that is going to be broken from the start as I've just signed up for Vegan Mofo! I'm getting nervous already. I hadn't realised it took part during the month of September and therefore I have done no preparation work for it whatsoever. So I've already put pressure on myself, oh well it'll be fun too, I hope!

Right best put a plan in action and start preparing for vegan mofo. I'm thinking of a bean theme, purely as I have a humongous glut of them from my garden. Watch this space . . . . . .  

Here is a very small sample of what I've harvested from my back garden. The beans, spinach, chard and asparagus peas have bean the most prolific!


  1. Hi Jasmine, I've only just been introduced to your blog and its lovely to make an acquaintance with a veggie and a veg grower. I haven't had a chance to grow this year, but hope to get back to it next year. Your home grown veg looks fantastic. I'm doing my first vegan MoFo this year too.

  2. Hi Shaheen, thanks for comment. I love growing my own veg and then picking it and cooking it within minutes. You can't get any fresher than that! Good luck with vegan MoFo x


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