Saturday, 31 August 2013

July Vegan Swap Box - What I Received

I suppose this post is better late than never! If you're a regular reader you will know that I have taken a rest from blogging over the last few weeks, read why, here.

Unfortunately that meant that I never got round to blogging about my June Vegan Swap box from Heather in Manchester, which is a dire shame as it was fabulous. It really was like having a birthday present as Heather had included balloons. These came in handy for Marco's first birthday party! Yes I know a birthday party for a dog - so what?

In Heather's swap box were loads of yummy goodies and included:
  • Dried chillis from the Cool Chilli Company
  • Walkers Sweet Chilli Peanuts
  • The Delicatessen Sweet Chilli Jelly from Tesco
  • Hoisin Stirfry Sauce from the Co-op
  • Unicorn Gravy Mix
  • Unicorn Sesame Sticks
  • Unicorn Garlic Sticks
  • Nakd Cherry Raisins
  • Nakd Strawberry Crunch
  • Nakd Cocoa Orange
  • Happy Kitchen Pecan Brownie
  • Pukka Tea Bag - Peppermint and Liquorice
  • Pukka Tea Bag - Relax
  • Oralet Tea Bag - Traditional
  • Oralet Tea Bag - Earl Grey
  • Kiwi spoon
What a box! I've heard lots about the Cool Chilli Company and I can't  wait to see them at the London vegfest, which I'm so hoping to go to this year. Especially since I missed out on the Brighton and Bristol vegfests!

The Walkers Sweet Chilli Peanuts were the first to be devoured, and that was just after I'd taken the photographs. I'm ashamed to say it but later that night I started the sesame sticks too. I did hold off eating them all in one go though although they didn't last the week! The garlic sticks were also yummy and these were devoured on a camping trip in Dorset whilst playing cards - Cribbage. 

I absolutely love the Strawberry Crunch Nakd bar it is without doubt my favourite one, closely followed by the cocoa orange flavour which was my favourite until the Strawberry Crunch came out! Both of these along with the Nakd cherry raisins were eaten as work snacks but not in the same day of course. That would be a bit piggy! 

I used the sweet chilli jam in a stir fry believe it or not, hubby actually said it was the best stir fry I had cooked him, he's not a great lover of stir fry's full stop! It's just a shame that I didn't write down what I did or what I used! It was a make up as you go along tea which a lot of my cooking is. Sometimes they turn out well and other times the bin (or compost heap) gets the food! On this occasion we were both so hungry that I didn't even have pen and paper at the ready let alone write down what I was doing! Oh well, it's a recipe that I shall have to try and recreate one day and post here.

I've yet to try the gravy browning, pecan brownie and the peppermint and liquorice tea, but give me time and they will all be tried.

You can read about what I sent my swap box partner, Miss Chaela-Boo on her blog, she has given me an awesome write up. Thanks Miss Chaela-Boo!

You really must check out her blog, her paintings are fabulous. 

Vegan Mofo is only around the corner and a quick update on the bean front. I have harvested yet more beans from my garden this morning, they keep on coming . . .


  1. Great swap box (I think I need to check out those cherry raisins!) and thank you again so much for the wonderful box.

    That's also a brilliant bean haul, do I spy asparagus peas?


    1. Hi Michaela, you do indeed spy asparagus peas! It's the first time I have grown them this year thanks to my neighbour the gardening angel. I can recommend the cherry raisins too very yummy! Jasmine x

  2. Your vegan swap box looks amazing, what a lovely idea!

    1. Hi Imogen. To Happy Vegans organise the vegan swap box and every month you are assigned a partner to send a parcel of vegan goodies to and in return you receive your own parcel of surprise delights! Its brilliant fun.
      Jasmine x

  3. You swap is fab, I wish I lived near a place like the Unicorn Co-op which I note is where Heather got a lot of her goodies for you. YUm.

  4. Ditto Shaheen, I'd love a co-op like that near where I live too.

  5. I can't believe how much cool stuff you English vegans have! This haul looks awesome - I'm going to need to join in the FB swaps at some stage!

    1. I enjoyed every last mouthful. Only the gravy powder left now! Mind you I bet you get some cool stuff over there, I've just spied the Boulder Canyon BBQ chips on your blog. I want some now! Haha :)


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