Saturday, 21 December 2013

INSKIN Precious Anti-Ageing Facial Oil Review

A while back I won a bottle of INSKIN Precious Anti-Ageing Facial Oil and I am that impressed with it, I decided to write a review. I don't want you missing out on this little beauty!

INSKIN Aromatherapy skincare is an artisan company established in 1996 by Lizzie Radcliffe, who is a clinical aromatherapist. The essential oils or carrier oils have not been produced from GM materials nor have they or their ingredients been tested on animals.

The bottle of anti-ageing facial oil smells absolutely divine, it contained 4 essential oils and 3 carrier oils and I couldn't wait to try it. Having completed an aromatherapy blend course myself I have been very interested in trying out new essential oils for various ailments, beauty regimes and mood enhancers, so I was delighted to hear I had won this competition.

I have been using the anti-ageing facial oil twice daily for the last two weeks and I can honestly say that I have seen a difference in the quality of my skin. After cleansing I have used 5 drops of the oil and applied it to damp skin as Lizzie recommended. The damp skin allows the oil to glide more easily and no oil is wasted as the water simply evaporates.

My skin looks brighter and feels more alive, even the dark circles from below my eyes seem to have lightened and believe me I've been getting less sleep than normal with the lead up to Christmas! My skin feels totally cleansed, soothed, and dare I say it younger feeling! The smell of the oil is absolutely gorgeous, almost virtuous and will lift your mood when applied, especially if you have the Monday blues. 

All in all a very balanced product which gives fantastic results. Thank you Lizzie for the chance to try the anti-ageing facial oil, there is no going back for me now!

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