Monday, 23 December 2013

Vegan food Swap Box - December - Part 2

OK, so I'm one day late posting this, but yesterday just seemed to fly by and before I knew it I was falling asleep on the sofa, trying to watch the final series of breaking bad!

I still have so much to do for Christmas, bake cakes, make the bread sauce, make my vegan main (or even have an idea!), make my chestnut and mushroom soup for the Christmas dinner starter and make my parsnip and butternut squash bake for a side. All this and wrap the presents and even make some, but more about that later. I don't want to spoil the surprise for those who are getting my hand made present and its not food!

I still have some Christmas shopping to do but looking outside at the weather I really wish I didn't have to go out now! At least my food shop was done yesterday and that was a nightmare!

Anyway enough of my whinging, this post is to tell you what I received in my December vegan swap box from Christine. I sent Christine a vegan swap box in March so it was really nice to receive one from someone I had already swapped emails with. This one was different to all that I had received before as it contained products from around Europe and none of which I had tried before.

Christine had kindly applied post it notes to all the products, so I knew what they were and how to prepare them. 

There were two savoury items, a mustard and rocket spread from Germany which I can't wait to dive into, and some Italian home-made pizza seasoning, which will be used on my next home made pizza.

The sweet items included:

- Sprinkles for bread from the Netherlands
- Drink mixes from Poland
- Jelly mix from Poland
- Soy dessert from Spain
- Cappuccino chocolate from Germany

I'm hoping to save the chocolate for Christmas day, but my hopes are not high! I'm going to attempt making a vegan trifle with the jelly and sprinkles, so watch this space.

The drink mixes look tempting too, I wonder if I could make a non-alcoholic cocktail with them?

As you can see a very European box of goodies and I can't wait to try using them over the Christmas break. Thank you Christine for a fabulous box of vegan goodies.

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