Sunday, 22 December 2013

Vegan food Swap Box - December - Part 1

Yep, its time for the monthly vegan food swap box again! This time I was sending a parcel to Kadian who lives in Middlesex. I was guessing that Kadian would have access to more vegan products than I do up here in the midlands in the small town where I live. 

So to jazz it up a little and of course because it's Christmas I wrapped every item up in wrapping paper!

Once again I chose both sweet and savoury items to send and because it's Christmas I sent one more sweet item than savoury! The sweet items included:

- Bounce Natural Energy Ball - Spirulina
- and Ginseng Defense Boost
- The Co-op After Dinner Mint Thins
- A tube of Love Hearts
- Jamesons Ruffle Raspberry Fondants
- Goody Good Stuff Sour Fruit Salad
- Mini Moos - Original Organic Chocolate Bar

When I first saw the Co-op mint thins I was ecstatic, it meant that our family Christmas dinner could still be followed with an after dinner mint. I'm sure these taste better than any non vegan variety. 

After all that sugar, I had to include a Bounce Defense Boost, these are so darn tasty and as a bonus contain the superfoods, spirulina, Ginseng and Fo-ti Root.

The savoury items included:

- The Spice Taylor - Southern Pepper Curry 
- Merchant Gourmet Whole Chestnuts
- Weight Away - Mixed Vegetable Chilli
- No No Guacamole Flatbreads
- Walkers Sweet Chilli Nuts

I absolutely had to include some chestnuts, these beauties play such a large part in Christmas. Recipe ideas include chopping and including with sprouts as a side dish, chop and add to your stuffing, add to stews, make into a pesto or chop and add to cakes. They really are so versatile.

After you have enjoyed your Christmas dinner you don't normally want much for tea. I think the No No guacamole flatbreads dipped in houmous is a perfect solution. These really do taste of guacamole and could be served with a range of dips, olives and a little salad.

After all that indulgence on Christmas and Boxing day I normally fancy something a little spicy and The Spice Taylor do a range of flavours, including two vegan options. I've not yet tried the curry pastes but the packaging states that you can whiz up a curry in 10 minutes! Perfect after you've spent days in the kitchen preparing the Christmas dinner - or is that just me?

I hope Kadian enjoys the vegan food parcel as much as I enjoyed putting it together. 

Merry Christmas!

Find out what amazing goodies I received tomorrow . . . . . .

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