Tuesday, 1 July 2014

July menu

Another month is on us already! I'm positive each month goes by more quickly.

This months menu is full of summer flavours and hopefully my garden produce! My courgettes are all in flower and baby courgettes are starting to grow, I'm run over with broad beans (yum) and my spinach has gone berserk!

Once again July is full of weird and wonderful celebrations and most of the recipes I post will have a healthy angle as I've started my get fit regime. Don't get me wrong I'm not unfit as I have Marco a very energetic border collie who I love to pieces, and he loves his walks. He also loves football and as soon as I get home from work he's ready for a quick game. He would make an excellent goalie.

After a quick kick about I've been changing into my running gear and off we go running, which he loves. There's a knack to running with a dog and at first he was always getting under my feet but he's learning to run next to me rather than in front of me now! I've not been going far (slowly slowly catchy monkey) nor every day as I want to keep it up. I try and go out every other day and build up the distance slowly, so as not to be put off. It's working so far, OK it's only been a week but I seem to be enjoying it, which seems weird should I be? Even better Marco is loving it and he's actually getting tired and wanting to go to bed earlier, which is so cute. Last night he kept nudging me as he wanted to go to bed!

I hope you have a fun packed July, full of laughter and good times...............


  1. Your July menu sounds wonderful! Wish we lived closer so we could cook it up together (and maybe I'd sneak home with one or two of your courgettes hehe!)
    So pleased you're enjoying the running. I only go for short runs (30-50 mins) but it does me the world of good, both mentally and physically! People can probably walk faster than I run but I don't care. As long as I'm enjoying it, that's all that matters! :o)
    Here's wishing you a very happy July ♥ xx

    1. Hi Sharon, it would be great if you did live nearer I would love to have a day cooking with you and of course you'd be welcome to anything out of my veggie plot :o)
      I'm still enjoying the running - going out 3 times a week, don't want to over do it - I used to run many many years ago but after a few illnesses/injuries I stopped. It does feel great to get back into it -only hope it helps shifts a few pounds too! x


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