Sunday, 20 July 2014

Specials Board: Raspberry & Coconut Mousse

Yesterday I posted my recipe for raspberry cake and I did say that you would have some raspberry puree left over to make these - Raspberry & Coconut Mousse.

I've used a completely different method to make a mousse here than I did with my strawberry mousse or chocolate mousse. Instead of using coconut cream or avocado I used silken tofu. All three methods provide a silky smooth mousse, who needs eggs?


150ml Raspberry puree*
170g Silken Tofu**
1 Tbsp Maple syrup
1 Tbsp Coconut oil, melted
Chocolate shavings or mint leaves
for decoration

*Left over from the raspberry puree I made to make my raspberry cake yesterday.

** Left over from the raspberry cake recipe I made yesterday.

Method - Serves 3-4

Add the raspberry puree, maple syrup and silken tofu to a food processor and blend, scraping down the sides until everything is well combined and silky smooth.

Add the coconut oil liquid and blend again.

Transfer to small glasses, depending on the size the mixture will fill 3-4 small glasses or 2 large glasses like wine glasses.

Decorate with sprigs of fresh garden mint or shavings of chocolate. To make a chocolate shaving, turn a block of dark chocolate upside down and using a Y vegetable peeler start at the corner and drag across the chocolate.

I think this recipe fits the bill for the "Treat Petite" challenge, which is hosted by Kat on the Baking Explorer Blog and Stuart over at Cakeboi. Kat is hosting July's challenge which is the theme "Summer". You can't get anymore summary than fresh berries!

Kat states: "The idea behind Treat Petite is quite simple – it’s any sweet treat you can think of that’s not a big cake! From cookies to macarons, krispie treats to truffles; we want to see any delicious concoction you conjure up in the kitchen that is individually portioned!! And don’t worry; cupcakes are permitted."


  1. Snap - I've made a raspberry mousse recently too, but completely different recipe and yes its without eggs too. I will share it later in the week, but will drool over your light delight, perfect for summer evenings.

  2. Great minds think alike Shaheen! This method would work with most fruit I guess but there are so many other ways of making mousse without eggs, avocado, bannana, silken tofu, I wonder which is your chosen method I'll be stopping by your blog to find out :o)


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