Monday, 14 July 2014

VeganWALL - A New & Exciting Website Coming Soon

Recently Miro, from the VeganWALL team got in touch with me and told me about a project the team are working on which will be released in September 2014. I was curious, so I looked into it, and before I knew it I had subscribed to the Beta Program, once completed it will be a fantastic website for all things vegan. The project aims to connect all vegans, in order to promote the vegan lifestyle. As you can imagine this is a huge project and one which the team have already been working on for 4 months.

Their goal is "to create the biggest vegan community and to connect to all the vegans with the purpose of creating something new and useful that could help the most of us". The idea is to have a website where vegans from all over the world can share information and opinions of all things vegan. So whenever you find something vegan that you think others would be interested in, whether it is a recipe from this blog (cheeky) or a vegan hotel, restaurant or cafe or even vegan beauty items you let the "veganWALL" know and share with the community. Any post published on the wall will be subject to a vote by the community, the more votes the post gets the higher it climbs on the wall. It is anticipated that the "veganWALL" will be updated numerous times daily so it should be a fantastic one stop shop for all things vegan. What's more it is free!

The team have put together a neat little video to explain more about what they are trying to do and you can watch it below.

The website will be more than just finding out about vegan food and restaurants catering for vegans it will also be a place where you can meet new people and form a community. 

The veganWALL is going to be a fantastic place and it has many more features than I have told you about here. If you're interested why don't you visit their blog, which will give you more information about what they are trying to do and how it will all work. They've got some super ideas. I for one can't wait until it's online!

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