Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Notice Board - Taking the Pea Review

A while back I got sent three snack packs to review of a new snack food called "Taking the Pea". Taking The Pea was launched earlier this year by Mike, an Aussie living in London who hated peas! That long term hatred of peas was turned around when he tried his first Wasabi pea and things have just grown from there, literally!

The Taking the Pea snacks use home-grown green marrowfat peas which have been seasoned with vegetarian friendly ingredients and there are 4 flavours to try. At the moment only three flavours are vegan friendly; Sweet Chilli Salsa, Smoked Ham, and Wacky Wasabi but I am told that Mike is working on making the 4th flavour vegan too; Cheesy Peasy & Onion, now wouldn't that be something!

I love their mission statement "Give peas a chance! Be active, be healthy whilst "Taking the Pea". Each pack is one portion so you don't have to worry about eating more than you should, but heh! Each pack is under 145 calories and there's a hell of a lot of those crunchy peas in each snack pack!

Stockists are growing all the time and they have been included in the Vegan Tuck Box and spoiler alert.......... a little birdie tells me a packet is also included in The Vegan Kind Monthly box, so if you subscribe to TVK you'll be sure to be able to try a packet for sure soon!

If you can't wait head on over to there website where you can order from them directly. In fact they have a rather cool website you should check it out!

The first flavour I couldn't wait to get my hands on was the Sweet Chilli Salsa, I just love sweet chilli sauce! The next flavour to try was of course the wacky wasabi, I'd tried other wasabi peas before so I knew what I was letting myself in for! The final flavour I was most curious to try but at the same time almost reluctant. I don't tend to eat fake meats and I never eat meat flavoured crisps even if they are vegan. But I thought no I'll take one for the team and give it a try.

OMG! I'm converted! I just loved the Smoked Ham flavour, which is really strange for me to type! Thankfully for me it didn't cast me back to almost 30 years ago when I did eat meat, it didn't remind me of ham at all, probably thanks to the crunchy texture of the pea. It reminded me of smokey BBQ food and gave you that smokey flavour without the meaty taste, it was utterly fantastic! Mike, you've won me over with this flavour - I didn't even share any of the peas, I just kept making yum noises! Ha ha ha What's more I didn't even take a photograph of the peas once the packet was opened!

The other two flavours were also good, the wacky wasabi wasn't over powering like some other wasabi peas I have tried, it just gave your mouth a nice hum, if you know what I mean? 

I'm just hoping that the Smoked Ham flavour is the packet that's in my TVK box winging its way to me as I type!

Jasmine x

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  1. Ooh these sound fab. I hated peas as a child but love them now. I'll be on the look out for these.


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