Monday, 27 August 2012

Day 1 - My first success story

How many of you get a "trolley" or sandwich van visit you at work. We do, every morning a lady visits our office with a trolley laden with goodies. The trolley has everything from cans of drink to sandwiches to tempting cakes and chocolate bars. Lately I have gotten into the habit of purchasing a packet of crisps which lasts seconds after I return to my desk. I scoff (rather inhale) the contents without anyone even realising I have moved from my desk!

Well today I resisted the trolley, sure my ears perked up at the voice of the trolley lady and like a mouse to cheese I reached into my purse for the 45p I needed for the bag of crisps. STOP I heard inside my head, WTF are you doing. Then out of nowhere I reiterated to myself:

"Put trust in myself, I have control and will succeed"

It works, I put the 45p back in my purse (that will help towards the library fine I am racking up) and took a big breath in and focused on what I was working on and shut out the dulcet tones of the trolley lady. 

Woohoo my first success!

Have you had any successes today?

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