Saturday, 3 November 2012


My first post on this blog detailed my top 5 things to do if money was no object. As a refresh and in no particular order:

1)     Small holding and being self sufficient
2)     Losing weight and helping others too
3)     Owning and running a healthy eating cafe/bistro "Self Sufficient Cafe"
4)     Children and a dog!
5)     Travelling

As money does exist I wrote another list of things I can do to make me happy right here right now! Once again in no particular order.

1)     Lose weight
2)     Be healthy
3)     Have a baby
4)     To have more fun time with hubby
5)     Enjoy my hobbies, camping, gardening, crafting, blogging and find an enjoyable exercise!

So far I'm on track with number 1, losing weight although it does seem a slow process, I'm hoping that now I can take Marco out for walks this will speed up! I am also starting to fulfil my number 2 being healthy. As well as eating better and exercising more I knew I also had to alleviate the stress which I suffer from due to my job. I came to realise that my earlier mantra "You can't change what you don't control" was key in trying to achieve this. So I enrolled on an aromatherapy course and its changed my life! I've always dabbled with it at home but I didn't know what a powerful tool aromatherapy could be. Since starting the course I've managed to keep colds at bay, reduce the pain in my arm and shoulder, banish muscle aches, calm down Marco when he's on a mad one, calm down hubby, clean my kitchen and bathroom and reduce my stress levels at work. It truly is amazing what you can achieve with essential oils.

In week one I was asked :

  • to define essential oil
  • what do I believe aromatherapy to be
  • what do I believe are the benefits of aromatherapy
  • what are my three favourite oils

My answers were: 

  • Essential oils are natural substances which have healing qualities
  • Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils
  • The benefits of aromatherapy are to help promote a more balanced lifestyle, to reduce stress and reduce the chance of everyday illnesses. I feel that a more balanced lifestyle means a more balanced mind which promotes vitality and helps to cope with potentially difficult or stressful events. It helps lift a mood, reduces the chances of becoming run down and treats ailments.
  • My four favourite oils that night were Chamomile, Melissa, Marjoram and Lemongrass. I couldn't choose three!

I was told that the essential oils you favour suggest that you 'need'/or are missing the qualities of such oils. This was quite spooky as my four favourite oils that night were anti-inflammatory, nurturing the 'female aspect', alleviating mental strain & overwork and to help with muscle aches and pains. Considering that I had a shoulder injury which had inflamed other parts of my arm, trying for a baby (unsuccessfully), stressed out at work and suffering from muscle aches and pains due to physiotherapy my favourite oils had depicted my state exactly. I was hooked! More aromatherapy stories to come................

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