Saturday, 3 November 2012

Grazing revisited

Back in September I told you about trying out "Graze", a company who provided you with healthy snacks to graze on. I tried it out for three weeks and ordered a total of 6 boxes. Overall the snacks were OK, some I wouldn't order again and some I loved! The list below contains the snacks I received and I've categorised them with my preferences. 

The snacks I received and loved were as follows:
  • green olives with basil and garlic
  • green olives with chilli and garlic
  • sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds with chilli
  • savoury roasted seeds
  • black pepper pistachios
  • lightly toasted pistachios

The snacks I received and liked were as follows:
  • oriental cracker mix with peanut crackers
  • smoked paprika, garlic and thyme rustic marble bread
  • crunchini basilico
  • tom yum yum
  • tomato dipinetti

The snacks I received and 
weren't too keen on were as follows:
  • oriental cracker mix with peanut crackers
  • sweet goan curry crackers
  • slightly sweet popping corn
  • bollywood blend
  • boston baguettes
  • herby bread basket

snacks I received and didn't like were as follows:
  • tutti frutti (blueberry infused cranberries, pineapple, cherry infused sultanas and green raisins)
  • my thai
  • cracking black peppercorn
  • fruity mango chutney

The problem was that I put on weight! Each snack is around 100 calories and I ate two snacks a day for four days each week, instead of my normal snacks I prepare at home. So I decided to give it a rest and cancelled. I think I will stick to my normal fruit snacks during the day, but I will be trying out other ideas so watch this space for snack ideas of 50-100 calories.

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