Saturday, 3 November 2012

Long time no see!

Well I've been so busy since I last blogged!! Hubby and I have now got a puppy! He's a Blue Marl Border Collie and he's gorgeous! He's kept me so busy I think I've only turned on the computer four times in the 6 weeks we've had him. Let me introduce Marco.........

He's grown so much since we had him, and he's now 13 weeks and two days old. Isn't he adorable?

The toilet training through the night worked, it was exhausting but well worth it. I started with waking up every three hours to take him outside to go to the toilet and gradually built up the time over the last few weeks. I'm pleased to say that he can go all night now, bless him.

Well Marco, Hubby and I have just been out for our first walk and I forgot my camera!!! He was very good and loved all the leaves to play in. We met two other dog owners, the first was Betsy the Daschund and his owner. Marco was very excited and wee'd all over his shoes. The second was a Scotty dog but I didn't catch her name, Marco was really excited and wanted to play with her, but she wasn't that interested. Overall Marco behaved very well and sat at every road crossing before we checked for cars and crossed. OK I think the treats may have helped! We shall go out again later today and I'll remember to take some photos!

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