Sunday, 27 October 2013

Vegan Food Swap Box - October

It's been a while since I last posted due to a rotten cold, working way too much and just feeling miserable due to my cold, work and the weather! But I'm pleased to say I've finally snapped out of it and this weekend has been a good weekend. My friend (my gardening angel) and I visited the Wolverhampton Vegan Festival, which was awesome. We had a brilliant day even though we ended up like pack donkeys walking to the bus stop after spending probably too much money. But that post is for another day.

This months vegan swap box was once again a delight to be part of and my parcel of vegan goodies was sent to Nicky, who doesn't actually live that far from me. 

Today is Nicky's birthday so many happy returns Nicky, I hope you're having a fabulous day!

My vegan swap box for Nicky contained the following goodies:

  • The Food Doctor - Roasted Bean Mix
  • Blue Dragon - Black Bean Stirfry Sauce
  • ASDA Mediterranean Tomato Couscous
  • Kallo Organic Vegetable Stock Cubes
  • Clearspring OrganicBrown Rice Miso Soup Paste
  • The Happy Kitchen Pecan Brownie
  • Blackfriars Fruit Flapjack
  • Yo Yo Bear Pineapple Fruit Rolls
  • Fry's Original Chocolate Cream

Hopefully, I got the mix just right, with a little sweet to go with the savoury. The Fry's chocolate bar is a must, as I've said before I only found out these chocolate bars were vegan through an earlier swap box and I was amazed that they were, so I'm spreading the word, so to speak. Unless, of course I was the only vegan in the world who didn't know they were vegan! To add to the sweet selection I included a blackfriars flapjack (try saying that 10 times fast), which I first saw in my local co-op and bought a load! Since then people have told me they're widely available but I've yet to see them elsewhere. To balance things out I also added a packet of pineapple fruit rolls from Yo Yo Bear and a pecan brownie from Happy Kitchen, another find through the vegan swap box, their website advertises that they use organic ingredients, bonus.

The savoury items included a packet of roasted beans, which are delicious and a more healthier snack than a packet of crisps. I need to take heed of my own advice here! The Food Doctor range is quite expensive, but in my opinion worth it. I also included two further organic foods, the vegetable stock cubes and the very handy store cupboard ingredient a box of Miso Soup Paste. Kallo stock cubes come in a range of flavours, including french onion, mushroom, garlic & herb, tomato & herb as well as a couple of non vegan flavours. They also make Belgian Dark Chocolate Rice Cake Thins which are scrumptious. The other two savoury items are quick go to ingredients to make things easy when you are cooking at night after a long hard day at work; ASDA Mediterranean Tomato Couscous and Blue Dragon Black Bean Stirfry Sauce. The Black Bean sauce is good to have on hand so you can whip up a tofu and green pepper stir fry in no time at all.

I also included three different flavoured tea bags and of course I couldn't let Nicky's birthday pass without a little gift; a dragonfly bag charm, which I bought from a local gift shop. In fact it was where I did my aromatherapy blend course. I quite often pop in to say hi to Maggie and see what little treasures are on offer.

I hope Nicky liked her swap box, tomorrow is a post about what I received from Helen.

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