Saturday, 31 May 2014

Pizza Party Dinner

I LOVE Pizza!

What better way is there to enjoy the delicious taste of the greatest Italian dish ever, than having a pizza party! Invite your friends and family round, provide each of them with a pizza base and have a selection of toppings to choose from. Everyone makes their own pizza exactly how they like it or tries new and exciting flavours.

I tend to provide smaller bases and make a few more pizza's than there are guests, so people can try different tastes, textures and flavour combinations. They don't take long to cook so you can keep them coming! If there is any left over (there won't be) you can have it cold the next day! 

I guarantee you'll have a great time, now if only I had a wood burning pizza oven in my back garden........................

It's easy to make your own pizza dough, all you need is flour, water, yeast & olive oil and if you're fancy a little semolina flour. There are hundreds of recipes out there if you need one.

I'm going to concentrate on the pizza toppings though, that's where all the flavour is!

Pizza sauces
Tomato (obviously) 
Caramelized onion
Sweet Chilli 
Baba Ganoush
Refried beans
A mixture of the above

Pizza toppings
No literally you can put on anything, but my favourite topping combinations are
Spinach, mushroom & garlic
Roasted vegetables
Olives, sweetcorn & peppers
Onion, peppers & mushrooms
Asparagus, peas & broccoli
Sundried tomatoes, artichokes and olives

Added extra's
Fresh spinach
Mixed herbs
Herbs & spices
Flavoured oils

Then there's the decision on 'cheese' or 'no cheese', if you're not using cheese top with fresh spinach or rocket or drizzle your favourite oils over, I like a chilli oil and a basil oil drizzle.

The pizza party's best combinations were:

Classic Pizza
Sauce base: Tomato & Garlic puree
Toppings: Onion, red pepper, mushrooms, 'cheddar style cheese' and mixed herbs

Sweet Chilli Supreme Pizza
Sauce base: Sweet Chilli sauce
Toppings: Fresh diced tomatoes, spring onion, rocket and a vegan 'cream cheese'

Mexican Pizza
Sauce base: Refried beans and Salsa
Toppings: Courgette, sweetcorn and 'cheddar style cheese'

Meditteranean Pizza
Sauce base: Pesto
Toppings: Asparagus, babycorn, garlic stuffed olives and 'cheddar style cheese'


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