Monday, 6 January 2014

Green Smoothie Update

My Green Smoothies to date have mainly been made with fruit and either kale or spinach. However, there are lots of other nutritional green vegetables out there and I needed to investigate. My palette is not quite there yet so I need to still add the fruit to give me a sweeter taste!

Having looked in my fridge after shopping yesterday, it was bursting with fruit and vegetables, I was actually spoilt for choice, but sitting on top was 2 florets of broccoli that looked a little lost. Now, what goes well with broccoli in a smoothie? OK next question what is also green? That was easier to answer, grapes, avocado, peas, etc etc. 

After deliberating for what seemed an age I went with the following.

¼ Cucumber
20 Green grapes
2 Florets of broccoli
1 Clementine peeled


Add the ingredients to your chosen blender with ½ cup of cold water and blend until smooth. Add a sprig of mint for decoration, if you fancy it!

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