Thursday, 9 January 2014

Pea, Spring Onion & Mint Soup

I don't think I'll ever get tired of my Vitamix, but this soup can be made in any blender, you don't have to own a Vitamix!

When you need to make something fast for lunch, you can't beat a quick and easy soup, especially if this uses up leftovers. It's a win win! Anyone that knows me knows that I hate to waste food, food is precious and we shouldn't just throw it away because we have forgotten about it and left it to rot in the fridge. Keep an eye on what you have in your fridge, make a list if you have to! Plan your meals ahead if you know you won't use all of something or use the internet to look for recipes that contain a certain food. Or if you're like me just wing it, what's the worse thing that could happen, nothings inedible if you spice and herb it up!

In my fridge I had some peas that needed using up, 3 sorry looking spring onions which had been hiding beneath a whopper of a cauliflower and some mint that was looking past its best. It was an easy decision to make as the three ingredients just love each other, so soup it was.

200g Cooked frozen peas
3 Spring onions
50g Raw mange tout (If yo don't have a Vitamix I would cook these first)
½ Tsp Vegetable Bouillon powder
200ml water
3 Sprigs of mint

Put all the ingredients into your blender and process until you have a silky smooth soup. Easy!

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