Monday, 27 August 2012

Changes to my lifestyle- Part 1

Healthy eating plan
I've been a vegetarian nearly all my life and have tried converting to veganism before, and I'm about to try this again. I'm a huge fan of food blogs and I am constantly searching for ideas to help me convert to a vegan. My favorites include: Vegan DadOh She Glows and Fat Free Vegan, but there are hundreds out there and you can completely lose track of time searching and reading.

I think the best way to change to and keep on track with a healthy eating plan is to be organised! Plan your meals ahead and only shop for what you need. Keep a well stocked store cupboard with the essentials so that you can always rustle something up in an emergency. I'll let you know what I think equals a well stocked store cupboard once I've fathomed it out. You will also need to track down stockists of special ingredients, sometimes you will need to do this via the internet. When ever you visit another town check out the health food shops you'll be amazed as to what you can find.

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