Monday, 27 August 2012

My goals

I've been reading a book over the last couple of weeks which has helped me discover my top priorities and given me the tools to align my life with what matters most to me. Sounds simple doesn't it? So why aren't we all doing it. Believe me there is plenty of reasons EXCUSES!

What makes you happy?
If money was no object or didn't exist what would make you happy? 

I've never really considered myself having children but as the biological clock started ticking louder and louder; and I met the right man (my hubby) the desire to have our own kids has been overwhelming. I want to enjoy being part of a loving family. Preferably two kids and a dog! 

I've always wanted to learn more about food and its nutrition. I want (& need) to lose weight and become happy, healthy and full of energy. If I can help others to achieve this too - even better! 

I love growing my own food (and eating it), and my dream one day is to have a small holding and become self sufficient. 

Another dream of mine is to own and run a healthy eating cafe full of scrumptious food that people won't believe is good for you because it tastes sooooo good. 

I love travelling and after a few years of travelling Australasia I picked up a few yummy recipes, but these days I'm happy to investigate and travel in and around my homeland. 

So to answer the question "if money was no object or didn't exist what would make you happy?" 
My top 5 are and in no particular order :

1)     Small holding and being self sufficient
2)     Losing weight and helping others too
3)     Owning and running a healthy eating cafe/bistro "Self Sufficient Cafe"
4)     Children and a dog!
5)     Travelling

Right its out there its published that's my list, although it may change over time..........

As money does exist what can I do to make me happy right here right now! Once again in no particular order.

1)     Lose weight
2)     Be healthy
3)     Have a baby
4)     To have more fun time with hubby
5)     Enjoy my hobbies, camping, gardening, crafting, blogging and find an enjoyable exercise!

Remember: You can't change what you don't control

What is your answer? What are your top five priorities?

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