Monday, 27 August 2012

Not all vegetarians are thin!

For years I have fought with my weight and I have been a professional yo yo dieter! People automatically think vegetarians are thin, but let me put the record straight - I'm not! Don't get me wrong I'm not morbidly obese but I'm heading that way! Many diet plans ask you why you eat more than you need to and my answer to this question is simple I'm a comfort eater, I eat when I'm bored, stressed, unhappy or stuck in front of the TV! Basically I eat too much and snack on the wrong food - you know the culprits; chocolate and crisps. Although I have had my moments and over the years I have been able to stick to a healthy eating plan and successfully lost weight, before a crisis unearths and I revert to my comfort eating ways.

I know I have to evaluate my whole lifestyle as diet is not my only concern. There are people that live to work and there are people that work to live. The last few years it pains me to write but balancing work and home life has not been proportioned well, and there are many that have suffered including myself.

After having a health scare not so long ago and being rushed to hospital enough was enough. Thankfully it was nothing serious but I was shocked to find out what stress can do to your body. I promised myself that I would take better care of myself but after a week or so I was back to my normal routine, working way too many hours in a very stressful environment. Another condition deteriorated and once again I was suffering! I never learn! It wasn't until a few weeks later that I thought (AGAIN) I need to do something about this!

Once my condition has improved I hope to get back in the saddle and start exercising. Although I need to control my enthusiasm, I like to run before I can walk and have zero patience! You think I would learn after all these years wouldn't you!

This blog will hopefully keep me on track in all areas of my life and help anyone else out there in a similar position. Wish me luck!

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