Sunday, 13 January 2013

English Vegan Bloggers

I have continued my quest to find other vegan bloggers that are based in England and to my excitement I found something better! As well as finding 10 other vegan blogs I came across "To Happy Vegans" who invite you to join a scheme where you swap vegan food goodies with another vegan. What a brilliant idea! 

To Happy Vegans write: 
"Every month you are assigned a partner to send a parcel of vegan goodies to and in return you receive your own parcel of surprise delights!"

I signed on the dotted line straight away! Unfortunately I think I was too late for the January swap but hopefully I will be included in the February swap of vegan goodies. Now what can I package up for my first parcel of vegan fare, I will start jotting down my ideas. 
This could be good fun.

To join up please visit their website:

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