Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year

Here's hoping that 2013 will be THE year!

What are your resolutions?
I thought about this long and hard over the past few weeks and wanted to set goals that were realistic that I was able to fulfill. How many of us set a list of new years resolutions and fail in the first week!
My new years resolutions are 1) to have more fun with friends, 2) become vegan full time, 3) become fit and healthy, (yes start running!) and 4) get this blog up and running!
I think these 4 seem realistic and I am looking forward to achieving them all. Of course, I'll keep you posted.......................

Today R and I went to a party around his Mums house, her partner, C had phoned before hand to ensure that there was something that I could eat on the buffet. Isn't that sweet? I was spoilt with stuffed mushrooms and they were very tasty! Mushrooms are my favourite food after all. I always take some food round as well and this time I took a roasted veg and couscous salad and a cold pasta salad, both went down very well. In fact I didn't bring any home for my lunch tomorrow. I also took a big bowl of fruit salad but I don't think this got started people were too stuffed with the buffet spread.

For the couscous salad, I roasted a tray full of, courgette, mushroom, red pepper and red onion until tender. Whilst the vegetables were roasting I made up some couscous with paprika, chilli flakes, mixed herbs and salt and pepper then stirred through the roasted vegetables.

For the cold pasta salad I cooked some wholewheat pasta twirls and whilst it was cooking prepared the sauce. I cut up very finely a yellow pepper, sundried tomatoes and spring onion and mixed with a garlic vegan mayonaise and soy single cream. Once the pasta was cooked and cooled I mixed through the sauce. If the pasta soaks up all the sauce either add more garlic mayonnaise or a little splash of water to desired consistency.

It was a good party and even the meat eaters (which is everyone bar me) seemed to appreciate the vegan fare. Result!

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