Saturday, 12 January 2013

Roast Dinner Risotto

I really despise throwing out food, especially when there is so much hunger in the world and I try to utilise everything that I buy. Most vegetables that are left in the crisper tray that look a bit sorry for themselves are turned into soup. You would never know the sorry state they were in beforehand. Today though I was a little 'souped' out and wanted to try something different. The food that needed using up consisted of, sprouts, sweet potato, kale, parsnip and a tiny bit of soy cream. As you can see from the photo there was not a lot left of each of these vegetables, so they wouldn't provide a meal in their own right.
Thankfully I also had some onions and arborio rice lurking in my kitchen and therefore roast diner risotto was born.

All I did for this extremely tasty (even though I do say so myself) meal was saute the onions until translucent then add all the other veg and stir. Next add the rice and coat with the oil and veg. Slowly add a little vegetable stock at a time until all the rice is cooked. Once cooked and to your desired consistency add a small knob of vegan spread (I use vitalite) and quickly stir through the rice mixture, this gives a shine to the dish! I found this out by accident but I'm glad I did. Serve at once. The above picture of vegetables actually made two portions of risotto, to reheat the remainder I added a little water so it wasn't so stodgy. (The rice will soak up any liquid remaining). It was delicious, you really must try it. I will certainly be making it again!

Do you like my new serving dish? I picked it up from a charity shop in town for a bargain price of £1.50!

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