Monday, 25 February 2013

Refried Bean Lunch Wrap

For the first time in ages I had not prepared my lunch and snacks to take to work today and as luck would have it I overslept too! Normally in the morning I have just enough time to walk Marco, get showered and dressed and pick up my work lunch and snacks before heading off out the door. If I'm lucky I manage to grab some marmite on toast but more times than not my breakfast is prepared the night before and eaten when I first get to work.

Today I had not prepared my lunch, snacks or breakfast and I had got up late! What is a girl to do apart from panic as we all know how hard it is to find vegan food on the go. Especially in my home town, you have to be super organised.

Thankfully I had prepared a big bowl of fruit salad a couple of days ago and some of that was left so that was packed up for breakfast. I had a couple of tortilla wraps that needed using up so they were an obvious choice. I had no houmous, pesto, falafels or ready to heat filing for the wraps so my trusty food cupboard was raided. Woohoo! I had a small tin of refried beans. I spread this over the tortillas and topped with salad leaves, sliced cherry tomatoes and cucumber. Before folding in the sides and wrapping I drizzled some sweet chilli sauce over the top. I didn't have time to photograph the finished result before leaving for work so I took a photo at work at my desk, my colleague wondered what I was doing! 

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