Monday, 4 February 2013

Tofu & Green Peppers in Black Bean Sauce

Tonight we were tired and hungry and if not on a budget would have picked up the phone and ordered a take-away. We are lucky that there is a  good Cantonese Restaurant not far away and they do deliveries. We were craving a Chinese so using store cupboard ingredients we rustled up just that. For me Tofu and Green Peppers in Black Bean Sauce and for hubby, Chicken and Green Peppers in Black Bean Sauce. We resorted to boil in the bag rice, a jar of Black Bean Sauce from Lidl and added onions, green peppers and either tofu or chicken. We have two woks in our house one each, they're engraved with a "V" or "M" so we don't get them mixed up. So we cooked (or should I say heated up) the meal together. It was ready within 15 minutes and it was very tasty!

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