Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Vegan food review - Sainsbury's Spicy Bean Quarterpounders

It's time for another food review and this time I cooked  Sainsbury's Spicy Bean Quarterpounders. Once again Sainsbury's have created another vegan friendly food which is labelled suitable for vegans. The product description states "with red kidney beans and vegetables, mildly spiced and covered in a crispy crumb." Now you all know by now, that hubby is an avid meat eater and would NEVER EVER consider turning vegetarian let alone vegan, but even he ate and enjoyed these!

As you can see from the photo I served mine on a bun with cherry tomatoes, spring onion and mixed leaves on the bottom and tomato sauce on the top. Hubby doesn't take kindly to anything green (unless its hidden!) so he ate his on baps with sweet chilli sauce. Both of us thoroughly enjoyed them. The quarterpounders had a good crumb on the outside and were 'beany' and full of texture on the inside. The only downside they crumbled 

Would we eat them again - most definately! 

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