Saturday, 13 September 2014

Specials Board: Courgette & Lemon Spread

Courgette & Lemon Spread & Vegan Mofo Day 13

This really was a work in progress recipe! You know those times when you make something and it tastes good but it jut needs that something extra? Well, this was one of those times!

The recipe started out as a courgette houmous, which turned into a courgette butter, which finally transformed into the courgette & lemon spread it is today. On the plus side while I was tweaking the recipe I did have some good ideas of what else I could do with my courgettes, so watch this space......

The ingredient list is the full list of everything I used and I have described my tweaking at the end of the method. You could omit the garlic if you wanted a more sweet spread but I thought the garlic gave it the depth. If you're not a massive lover of garlic halve the amount.

You can see how much tasting I did as the top photograph shows the jar almost empty compared to the photos below. I must admit I did keep going back for another helping!

150g Courgette, halved and sliced (I used a yellow one)
1 Garlic clove
10g Cashews
2 Tsp Tahini sauce
½ Tsp Turmeric
½ Lemon, rind only
Juice of ¼ of Lemon

Cook the courgette in 2 Tbsp of water over a low heat until you can just about pierce it easily with a knife. Don't overcook the courgette you need a little bite to it still.

Drain the courgette and pat dry with kitchen towel. Transfer to a blender and add the rest of the ingredients. Blend until you have a smooth spread. 

My first attempt just used the first five ingredients and although it was tasty, (I went back for seconds so it must have been) I thought it was missing that punch! Enter the lemon zest. I sprinkled a little zest onto bread topped with the spread and took a bite. That was getting close.

I took a quick snap and thought that the taste didn't match the colour, after all we do eat with our eyes, so I added a touch of turmeric. I didn't want to effect the taste too much so it was just a sprinkle at first. I liked what the turmeric did for the taste and the colour so I added a little more. The final touch was adding the lemon juice, this gave it that zing!

Normally I wouldn't share a recipe until I have finished tweaking but as it's vegan mofo I thought what the heck I'll give you a glimpse in to what I get up to in my kitchen.

As I was tweaking more ideas flooded my head and I can't wait to get back to the kitchen and start experimenting. Tomorrow is going to be one heck of a party in my kitchen!

Jar almost full of the courgette houmous/butter

After numerous helpings & a lot of bread eaten!

With a dusting of lemon rind. That gave me the idea for the finished recipe
The finished article - but look how much I had eaten!


  1. Love the idea. This looks like a great way to use the late summer glut of courgette.

  2. Thanks Kip! I'm constantly trying to think of new ways I can use my courgettes, they keep on coming! :o)

  3. Lovely, the addition of turmeric appeals to the eyes! I make a butternut squash and carrot butter spread, but never tried it with courgettes as I tend to find them bland, but here -you have made them more interesting for me.

    1. Hi Shaheen, my glut of courgettes and pattypans are really challenging me to come up with new ways of eating them, but its good fun! :o)


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