Saturday, 6 September 2014

Specials Board: Creamy Apple & Coconut Water Smoothie

Creamy Apple & Coconut Water Smoothie and Vegan Mofo Day6
I've had so much to do today and done none of it! I was planning a mammoth cooking session today but that has gone out of the window! So tomorrow will have to be a gigantic mammoth cooking session. I have so much veg from my garden that needs whipping up into something tasty and now I have my freezer I am hoping to fill it up with work day meals. Well, that's the plan anyway!

When I say I've done nothing I don't mean that I've sat on my back side all day, Marco and I have been out exploring and found a secret place full of sloes! I think they need a couple more weeks so I just hope someone else doesn't find them first.

I'm lucky enough to have parents who live in a village which features a Millennium Green, which has a lovely wild flowers meadow, an extensive community orchard, a nuttery, a herb garden and a small willow maize. A few years ago volunteers worked tirelessly to raise sufficient funds to buy the land from a local farmer and transformed the land into a peaceful community area, which also includes a Millennium Wood. It offers an amazing range of habitats, from woodland to meadow, from pond to hedgerow and is a haven for wildlife as well as people. I love spending time there, its so tranquil and you will always spot some form of wildlife. Marco loves it there to, racing around the Millennium Wood, chasing sticks and balls we throw for him.

One special part of the Millennium Green is the community orchard, containing many different varieties of apples, pears, cherries, damsons, plums and nuts. All of the trees are individually sponsored and are mainly old species that are the origin of many modern varieties. The orchard has become a hotspot for biodiversity, supporting a wide range of wildlife. The fruit and nuts are enjoyed by many and contributes to a healthy diet without the food miles which accompany a lot of fruit these days. On visiting the orchard you are allowed to pick the fruits with respect for the sponsor and other visitors. Unfortunately we live in such times where there are people out there who think its a free for all and go in (sometimes in the dead of night) and strip the trees bare, breaking off branches just so they can get to some of the fruits. It makes me so mad!

The trustees have had to resort to putting signs up around the orchard asking people to behave respectfully and to just pick a handful of fruits at a time. However, I fear these will not deter them and its such a shame that the orchard can't be loved by all. 

I was lucky enough to be able to pick a handful of apples, pears and damsons on my visit last week, so watch out for some recipes featuring them throughout September. Today, when I visited I was so sad to see the broken branches and the trees stripped of their fruit, it actually made me cry. I almost felt like the trees were weeping too, it was a very sad day.

I reminded myself though that I was lucky enough to have enjoyed some of the fruits I picked last week for my breakfast, creamy apple & coconut water smoothie and I cheered up. 

The apples I used in this smoothie were the variety Ribston Pippin.

100g Apple
100ml Coconut water
2 Tbsp Soy Yoghurt

Put all the ingredients into a blender, I used my beloved Vitamix and blend, easy! If you haven't got a high speed blender the apple might not blend totally, but if you pass the smoothie through a sieve that should help.


  1. Wow, the Millennium Green sounds so cool & the apples you picked look delicious! How sad, though, to find the trees damaged by overzealous pickers. :(

    1. One of the apples was actually a little under ripe but it still tasted good! :o) Its such a shame that some trees are damaged but hopefully they will bounce back! x

  2. I know what you mean about the garden taking kitchen is completly filled with tomatoes from my garden....and jalapenos! Salsa in my near future!

    I love the idea of the Millennium Garden!

    1. Hi Tracy, my tomatoes haven't done that well this year and only a few have ripened, which is a shame. I've never had much luck with tomatoes though in all the years I've been growing. I think I need a greenhouse! :o)


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