Thursday, 11 April 2013

ASDA Spicy Bean Burgers

Once again its time for another vegan food review and once again I'm reviewing a ready made vegan burger. "Wait", I hear you cry "I thought this series had finished"! I know, I know and it did finish with me saving the best to last the Goodlife Spinach and nut grill. But I found another vegan burger in one of the local supermarkets. This time the burger is from ASDA and its their Spicy Bean and Nacho Burger. This time I didn't put it on a burger bap but made it in to a tasty sandwich filling which I suppose is the same thing. I cooked all 4 of the burgers and had one for tea with chips and baked beans. You gotta love baked beans they are a vegans saviour! The remaining three I packaged up and had for lunch for the next three days. 

As with the other burger reviews I added lots of ingredients to the sandwich. On the bottom I added a mixture of salad leaves, cucumber, spring onion and beetroot and on the top tomato sauce and slices of pickled gherkins. 

The sandwich was a bit more difficult to eat than a burger in a bap as the 'burger' had been squashed and spread to fill the slice of bread. In fact I got into a bit of a mess every time I ate one! Thank goodness I had a box of tissues to hand.

These are not my favourite of the vegan burger world, but worthwhile to keep in the freezer as a stand by meal. The next burger I review will be one that I make myself, I can then control the ingredients that go into making the burger. I've tested a few now, and I know what I do and don't like in a veggie burger so watch this space for my own recipes.

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