Sunday, 24 March 2013

And yet more snow............

This weekend we had another downpour of the white stuff, whilst I don't particularly like driving in the stuff I don't mind a brisk walk through it! 

After a lazy morning reading and playing with Marco, I got myself wrapped up, donned the walking boots and out I ventured with Marco in tow, or should I say steaming ahead! Today Marco took me for a walk. He loves the snow and loves jumping into the drifts and jumping up to catch snowballs. In fact he can't get enough of the stuff!

In the week we're out walking at 6:30am which I actually enjoy, whatever the weather, even the mornings where I've battled snow have been pleasant! I'm amazed at the spring flowers that I have seen though over the last few days despite the weather. Nature continues to amaze me.

I'll leave you with another photo of Marco. He's actually quite camera shy so this picture is one in a million!

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