Sunday, 31 March 2013

Vegan food review - Good Life Spinach & Lentil Grills

Yes, its time for another vegan food review and this time I chose Good Life Spinach and Nut Grills. ASDA Used to sell these last year but leading up to Christmas they stopped selling them, perhaps I was the only one that bought them and that wasn't that often as I haven't got a freezer!
Luckily there is a health food shop in our town which will buy in specific items you wish to purchase and after a quick visit to them, they were more than happy to order me a packet in. It actually worked out cheaper than ASDA so it was a bargain too without the effort required of ordering them online!

I served mine on a wholemeal bap with sliced tomato and beetroot on the bottom, with a drizzle of vegan garlic mayonnaise. The burger itself was topped with a baked portabella mushroom and tomato sauce.

The Spinach and Lentil Grill held together really well and didn't break up when transferred to the wholemeal bap. The taste was awesome and in my opinion these bad boys are by far the best burger option for vegans! The portabella mushroom complimented them perfectly, next time I'd add a few salad leaves to the bottom, for colour not taste.

There you have it I saved the best to last.

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