Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Mexican Chilli Bean Wrap

Last Month, my Vegan swap box contained a Mexican Chilli Bean Deli Filling, thanks to Caroline at Tea and Sympatico. It was used in two delicious meals. The first was a quick lunch for a work day, Mexican Chilli Bean Wraps.

Spread a flour tortilla with the Mexican Bean Deli Filling and add layers of salad about a third of the way down before rolling. I used similar ingredients to my Houmous Salad Sanga; baby leaf salad, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onion, beetroot, olives and gherkins. Then to finish it off squeeze just a little garlic mayonnaise over the top (vegan of course).

My favourite vegan mayonnaise is available from Sainsbury's and is called Tiger Tiger Garlic Mayonnaise. This lunch didn't last long, because I was hungry and it was so tasty. The Mexican Bean Deli Filling made a nice change to houmous too. But I do love houmous! 

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