Saturday, 23 March 2013

March Vegan Food Swap - What I sent

After a successful vegan food swap box last month I couldn't wait to be part of the March swap. If you've not heard of it before its a scheme run by to happy vegans who organise it. Every month you are assigned a partner to send a parcel of vegan goodies to and in return you receive your own parcel from another. The budget is £10 not including package and postage. Its really good fun and I can't believe how excited I get leading up to it!

This month I was assigned Christine, who unfortunately hasn't got a blog. She advised me that she tends to lean towards healthier food but she was up for trying anything. This box was going to be completely different to my previous box I'd sent.

After scaling local supermarkets and smaller shops I decided what I was going to send. In my parcel to Christine I included:
  • Organic Miso Soup by Clearspring
  • Sainsburys finely chopped green olives
  • Sainsbury's chargrilled red pepper paste
  • Tiger Tiger Garlic Mayonnaise
  • Mini Moos Easter Bunny
  • A parcel of Graze goodies

Organic Miso soup is a wonderfully unique combination of brown rice, sweet white miso, the mineral rich sea vegetables Kombu and Wakame and dried green onions. It makes a great soup by just adding hot water, which is delicious and convenient. 

If you're yet to find a vegan alternative to mayonnaise then this is it! I have tried Plamil mayo and other brands in the free from aisle of my local supermarkets but nothing comes close to Tiger Tiger especially the Garlic one. It really is the best out there by far!

I have yet to try the sainsbury's finely chopped green olives or the chargrilled red pepper paste, but both look delicious and labelled vegan too. I was thinking along the lines that they were a good store cupboard ingredient to have to hand for quick and tasty meals. I'm assuming the chopped green olives is similar to an olive tapenade without the fish sauce, or it could be quite easily turned into it! I'll post a recipe soon for an olive tapenade, but I definitely think its a summer recipe steeped in Greek memories. The chargrilled red pepper paste would be good in a wrap or used as a pizza sauce for a different twist.

As always I added a 'graze' box which consisted of black pepper pistachios, sweet chilli bites, spicy Thai rice crackers and Korean chilli rice crackers. AND of course this vegan swap box wouldn't be quite right without an Easter treat, so to finish it off I included a Mini Moo Bunny bar.

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