Friday, 22 March 2013

Vegan Food Review - Goodlife Nut Cutlets

It's time for another food review and this time I cooked Goodlife Nut Cutlets. I found these in the freezer section of the local Sainsburys. I'd previously tried the Goodlife Spinach & Lentil Grills and was pleasantly surprised with their taste and texture, I'll blog about them soon. It was time to see what the Nut cutlets could do. As with all three other 'burger' type vegan food reviews, I served these on a wholemeal bap with toppings. On the bottom I layered tomato, onion, beetroot and a light drizzle of garlic mayonnaise and on the top tomato sauce and vegan cheese melted to its best ability. I'm still yet to find a melty vegan cheese.

The nut cutlets held their shape very well and didn't crumble. The texture combined soft vegetables including onion, carrot, parsnip and spinach with chunks of peanuts and cashew nuts. The packaging also suggested cooking these straight on a BBQ straight from frozen turning regularly and cooking for 15 minutes or so. One to remember for those long summer days of BBQ's, sun and fun.

Another suggestion was to break them up and use instead of mince to a bolognaise sauce with chopped mushrooms and onions. I'm not 100% convinced with this suggestion as they didn't seem to crumble. But this made them ideal for a burger bap!

What are your favourite vegan burgers?

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