Saturday, 9 March 2013

Blackbean Brownies - The Happy Herbivore

The baked tofu was a success, the other day and I really enjoyed the texture and flavour. So I thought lets give the Happy Herbivore another go and I was so excited about trying the blackbean brownies. 

Sometimes when I'm cooking and the ingredients don't at first seem the obvious ingredients to use, like in this recipe, my mind takes over and tells me that the food will taste horrible before I've even tried it. But this time I was not going to let this happen, I needed to find something sweet that I could eat that was healthy(ish). 

This recipe did not fail to impress. I must make a second batch very soon! I think they will definitely be one of my favourites and one to cook up for 'cakes day' on my birthday for the office. I just need to find some other vegan cake recipes, I don't think I'm that confident to try making vegan cakes from scratch just yet. I enjoyed my first brownie with a cup of strong black coffee. No I didn't, I don't like coffee that was just for the photo I had mine with a big mug of earl grey tea! Delicious.

The recipe can also be found on The Happy Herbivore website. I didn't have any instant oats but I did have wholegrain oats and I don't think it spoilt the recipe at all. 

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